Moroccan virus

The world is now fighting an invisible virus, the coronavirus. It is so dangerous as to threaten the entire planet until one day science finds an antibiotic capable of exterminating it.

However, another virus threatens Europe and it is not microscopic. It is clearly visible, lives in human form and is found in Morocco. It is more harmful and more deadly. His name is Mohammed VI and has already raged in Bataclan, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Syria, Iraq …

This virus was created by France and like Frankenstein, it turned against its creator. Its history makes one shiver. In order to grab the wealth of neighboring countries, the monster becomes demonic. Who is responsible for it? France and the European Union that it is racketeering today with terrorist attacks and waves of Moroccan and African migrants bruised by poverty and misery created by dictatorial regimes imposed by the alleged homeland of human rights man struggling to get rid of his colonialist practices.

This virus has reached the vast majority of Moroccans, thus creating a society characterized by violence, theft, murder, prostitution. The « tcharmil », according to the popular Moroccan lexicon. It has even infected those who were born under the European flag. Despite having attended European schools, they carry violence in their DNA and what is surprising is that European democracies have made it an asset to win the elections.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron paid the costs. One of his friends, Mr. Jid El Guerrab, smashed the skull of a PS colleague while riding a motorcycle helmet. Another, the so-called Alexandre Benalla wanted to help his protector with batons against a couple of Yellow Vests whose only crime was to come forward to claim legitimate rights.

In Belgium, another country which has a large Moroccan community, a 60-year-old man was disfigured by a candidate for municipal elections. For a press article! Like the King of Morocco, these Moroccan elites want to muzzle the European press.

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