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Statement of the African National Congress on Western Sahara and Morocco

22 March 2018

The African National Congress notes recent reports on the Symposium “Morocco’s Support to African Liberation Movements: South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde” held on 19-20 February 2018, which was held under the Patronage of His Majesty, the Moroccan King Mohamed VI, on occupied Western Sahara. The ANC calls on Morocco to desist from using such forums to justify its occupation of Western Sahara. Such symposia aim to boost Morocco’s stature as a mainstay in the liberation of Africa and imply therefore that the international community should support Morocco’s current colonial occupation on Western Sahara.

In this context, the ANC re-affirms below the 54th ANC National Conference resolutions on Western Sahara:

a. Recall the historic fraternal relations between the ANC and the Polisario Front as allies in the struggle against injustice, colonialism and apartheid.
b. Recall that Western Sahara is the only remaining colony in Africa.
c. Reaffirm the inalienable right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination and independence.
d. Recall all relevant UN Human Rights reports and reports of international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc.

The ANC therefore wishes to affirm its position as follows:

  • The ANC condemns the withdrawal by Morocco from the UN-led peace process and supports UN efforts to bring both parties back to the negotiating table.
  • The ANC engage with a wide range of players to ensure that the proposed UN Referendum in Western Sahara takes place.
  • The ANC urges the international community, and the United Nations in particular, to assume without further delay, their legal and moral responsibility on granting respect to the inalienable right for self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.
  • The ANC expresses solidarity with Saharawi political prisoners and human rights defenders and calls on the international community to provide material support to the Saharawi.
  • The ANC urges the international community to call on Morocco to immediately lift the military, security and media blackout imposed in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, to remove the wall and to initiate and lobby the international community for the natural resources of Western Sahara to be under the mandate of the United Nations.
  • The ANC salutes the struggle and determination of the Saharawi people, both in occupied and liberated zones, as well as in refugee camps under the leadership of the Polisario Front.
  • The ANC will intensify its solidarity campaign with Western Sahara with more practical initiatives such as humanitarian aid, solidarity marches, seminars etc.
  • That Morocco has been admitted into the African Union should not reduce our support for the struggle of Western Sahara.
  • That the government of SA appoints a Special Envoy on the Western Sahara issue.

Issued by
Lindiwe Zulu
Convenor of the ANC NEC International Relations Sub-Committee
on behalf of the African National Congress

Pule Mabe
ANC National Spokesperson
071 623 4975

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